GPN Photography

I’m a UK based photographer, with a passion for Motorsports and Wildlife. But I’m happy to take on any challenge! If you have a project which would require my services, then please contact me here to discuss your requirements.

I started out on my photographic journey with a Canon AE-1 (with 28mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4 & 100-200mm zoom FD lenses) in the early ’80s but progressively got fed up with film processing costs and the quality of prints from processing labs.

I then progressed into digital with a Nikon Coolpix 4300 point-and-shoot but I soon got frustrated with this due to the lack of control and so I progressed onto DSLRs. First with a Nikon D50 (with 18-55 & 70-300 lenses) and now with a Nikon D300 & Nikon D750 (and various good lenses) which I find very satisfying to use.

You can see my work on my website GPN Photography which is hosted on SmugMug. If you would like to join SmugMug you can save yourself 5$ by using this coupon code: uFJR30GmDIcBs

Gary Neville
e-mail: gpn.photography@gmail.com
website: www.gpnphotography.smugmug.com

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